Preparing Future Innovators (PFI) is a seminar and workshop series co-organized by the Center for Chemical Evolution and our fellow Atlanta based Center for Chemical Innovation – the Center for Selective C-H Functionalization. The series explores topics relevant to preparing our chemistry graduate students and postdocs to be innovative leaders in their current programs and beyond. 

Seminars are held bimonthly at either Emory or Georgia Tech, with video conferencing available. Participants earn a certificate of completion for attendance at five seminars per year. Check back here for details related to upcoming seminars.

Past PFI Seminars:

"Bringing Together Art and Science for a Winning Cover" Nicholas Hud and Loren Williams, Profs. of Chemistry at Georgia Institute of Technology

October 9, 2018. 3:00 EDT
MoSE 3201A

"The Story of a Patent" Jenny Yang, Regents Professor of Biochemistry at Georgia State University Nigam Acharya, Intellectual Property Attorney at Baker Donelson
October 4, 3:00 EDT
MoSE 3201-A

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Join us for a candid discussion with biochemist Jenny Yang and intellectual property attorney Nigam Acharya to learn what any chemist or chemical engineer needs to know when it comes to patent law and process. The two will share their personal experiences taking academic innovations through the patent process. Come ready with questions, in person or online. 

May 2017

"Mentor Training Workshop" Linda Blockus, Director, Office of Undergraduate Research, University of Missouri

Session One: May 15, 4:00-6:00 PM EDT
Session Two: May 17, 4:00-6:00 PM EDT

Connect online. Use password Blockus-CCHF

February 2017

"Advancing in Academia: finding a place among the faculty" Greg Springsteen, Furman University; John Chaput, UC Irvine
Details: 1:30 PM ET, February 17. MoSE 3201A 

September 2016

"Chemistry academic career panel" Nicholas Brunelli, Assistant Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, The Ohio State University; Alison Narayan, Assistant Professor, Life Science Institute, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor; Jennifer Roizen, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Duke University. 

Details: 4:00 PM, September 13, 2016, MoSE 1224
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November 2016

"The Lab," an interactive RCR workshop by the Office of Research Integrity

Details: Thursday, November 3, 3:00-5:00. MoSE 3201A