The Center is committed to bringing our research out of the laboratory and into classrooms and public spaces - not only sharing our research and love of chemistry, but teaching our scientists to be excellent scientific communicators. In each of our activities we strive to teach chemistry in an exciting way and to bring our work to diverse audiences. Explore our education and outreach initiatives below and learn more about our radio series, our graduate student professional development workshops, our activities with teachers, our founding role in the Atlanta Science Festival, and see how we work with artists to create works of public art to help communicate our research.

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Graduate & Undergraduate EducationGraduate & Undergraduate Education

Through a variety of programs, the CCE is educating students in origins of life chemistry, providing professional development, and offering rich research experiences.

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Community & School OutreachCommunity & School Outreach

From radio stories to Science Tavern events to starting the Atlanta Science Festival, the Center for Chemical Evolution (CCE) is getting the word out to the public about chemistry. To working with students and teachers directly, The Center for Chemical Evolution (CCE) has placed origins of life chemistry in both formal and informal learning environments for K-12 students.

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Chemistry & the ArtsChemistry & the Arts

The CCE strives to teach the general public about chemistry through innovative outreach. To meet this goal, we have worked with artists to help us communicate our science to the world.

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