Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates

If you are an undergraduate student studying science with an interest in origins of life chemistry, we encourage you to apply to our summer undergraduate research program. The program lasts for a period of 10 weeks. No prior research experience is required.

For the Summer of 2020, please apply for positions in the CCE summer program through the Georgia Tech Chemistry application process. On your essay, note in the header "Center for Chemical Evolution" and please prioritize CCE focused labs in your selection process. Positions will only be available at Georgia Tech for the 2020 program. If you are interested in labs at other institutions, you are encouraged to reach out to that institution about opportunities.

Graduate Studies & Post-doctoral Fellowships

As a graduate student or post-doc in the CCE, you will have access to a community of researchers who are all working towards a common scientific goal. Opportunities for collaboration and mentorship by other faculty members both within your home institution and elsewhere in the CCE are plentiful. In addition, with exposure to many facets of research within this subject, you will become a more well-rounded scientist than would be possible with knowledge you would have be exposed to in a single research group. Beyond participation in productive research groups, the CCE provides travel opportunities to conferences, chances to participate in outreach activities, opportunities for teaching & mentoring, and professional development workshops. Explore this website for more information or apply for chemistry graduate school at Georgia Tech, University of South Florida, the Scripps Research Institute, UCSD, or Jackson State University.

If you have any questions about the opportunities available for graduate or postdoctoral research, please contact us at

We look forward to hearing from you.